• Cataloging Style for My Chinese Coins

        Over the weekend (during the big snow storm!), I took the time to rework the cataloging style I use for my Chinese coins. For everyone who feels they cross the line from mere collector to numismatist, I highly recommend that you present your coins in a consistent, logical style.

        Here is how I was presenting them before:

        Shen Zong, Yuan Feng reign
        Northern Song Dynasty
        Large cash, 1078-1085 AD
        Running script
        Hartill 16.248

        Now, I've added the proper Pinyin spellings, regnal dates, the inscription, and any other pertinent information:

        CHINA, Eastern Zhou Dynasty. State of Zhao, Lin. Circa 350-250 BC.
        Spade. (27 mm x 45 mm; 5.05 g)
        Hartill 3.331

        Ex C. B. Dodge Collection

        CHINA, Southern Song Dynasty. Guāngzōng, AD 1189-1194.
        Shoxī reign, AD 1190-1194.
        Wen. (24 mm; 2.77 g)
        Shao Xi Yuan Bao, regular script. Dated RY 2 (AD 1191)
        Hartill 17.316

        What are your thoughts?