• The 1788 Warwickshire, Birmingham DH 1 Varieties

        Featured below are a group of the Warwickshire, Birmingham DH 1 and DH 1a Conder Tokens.

        A half crown was equal to 30 pennies, or 1/8 of a pound.
        A shilling was equal to 12 pennies.
        Two shillings, sixpence equaled 30 pennies, or 60 halfpennies.

        Silvered Copper DH 1

        Brass DH 1

        Gilt DH 1

        Silvered Copper DH 1a

        'W' counterstamp is attributed as DH 1a. Supposedly, the tokens were struck for the man that ran the workhouse,
        whose last name began with a 'W'. Trying to find his name to be sure.

        Here's more history of the Birmingham Workhouse.

        NOTE: There are images of a token dated in 1811, but that would not be a Conder Token.
        Conder Tokens were first struck in 1787 and mostly stopped by 1796,
        though some were struck as late as 1802, though they were illegal by then for coinage purposes.
        when regal coinage was struck in one penny and two penny denominations at the Soho Mint.
        Boulton and Watt produced that coinage using their steam power.


        Here my latest addition, another Birmingham DH 1, fully gilt and bright. Plain edge is excellent.