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    How to post pictures

    The maximum file limit for this forum is 800x800 pixels, so for your pictures to upload properly make sure they are within the limits.

    There are two options when uploading pics, you can either upload the pics from your computer, or upload your pics from a URL (Another site, like photobucket).

    The first step is the same for either option. Above the text box on the reply page, click on the insert image link (See pic #1)

    Once you have clicked on the link, a box will pop up. You can either choose to upload your pics by clicking on the "From Computer" or "From URL".

    For uploads from your computer, simply click select files, a new window will pop up, locate the image you want to upload from your computer. Once you have clicked on the image it will show up in the "Add Image" box, and click Upload file(s). The image will then show up in the txt box and you can submit and your done.

    For uploads from URL, click the upload from URL (Circled in blue in pic #2). Then simply enter the URL (direct link) into the box and click insert image. The image will then show up in the reply box, click reply and your done.

    *Just as a side note, the image will be shrunk when posted on the forum, but if you click on the image it will return to it's regular size.
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