The "Facebook Hacker" thread reminded me of this ongoing problem I'm experiencing here on NS.

Since the protocol is such that I am logged off for periods of inactivity of more than 2 hours, I must frequently reenter my username and password. The problem is that the Tab Key does not work as it should. Instead of jumping from the username box to the password box, an entirely new set of boxes is opened just below them. I'm so used to using the Tab Key on all other sites, that I sometimes forget and start to enter my password in the "new" username box where it is visible for anyone to see.

I'm concerned that this glitch will allow someone to steal my password. Why does the Tab Key not function as it should? Has anyone else experienced this problem?

By the way, the "Remember Me" checkbox doesn't work either, nor does it work on CT which is the same basic format as NS. Does anyone have an answer for these problems?