Well this is kind of disconcerting - and yes I am using extra words to see what will happen. This forum is the only one were a carriage return will not happen in PM's or in posting to a thread. Enter or control enter nothing seems to work to generate a enter. At least if I type long enough it does eventually wrap. It does not work in lets see - PM's, quick reply or even in advanced mode. So I am typing lots of characters just to see what will happen. I checked a several other forums and the CR-LF always seems to work in quick reply, advanced reply or even in PM's. Of course if I use google chrome on the site it works - but it is older than than the version of IE, but not that old. I think IE 10 downloaded a couple of nights ago. Looks like from here(http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/forum...n-editor-4-2-1) I might need to disable some addons to see what works. time to play.